The restaurant menu comprises numerous domestic dishes: hors d'oeuvres, cream-soups, spit-roasted meat, meat roasted in an iron or earthen pan, grilled dishes on coals, game dishes, salads and desserts. The restaurant offers you domestic brandy which is served in shot glasses - pear, apricot and plum brandies made according to traditional recipes of the masters from Zlatar, along with an extensive selection of red and white wine, beer and other drinks. There is no need for us to continue listing - all you have to do is to look at the pictures.
Roasted pepper
Buckwheat pie
Cheese layered corn pie
White veshalitsa (a strip of smoked meat) in a pleura
Smoked ham (beef,mutton,pork,"Njegosh")
Skewers of stuffed chicken kabobs
Skewers of stuffed pork kabobs
Perch "Orli"
Cold horse d'oeuvre
Domestik smoked sausage
Salad garden
Home-made ajvar (salad made of chopped eqqplant and peppers)
Kid soaked in milk,prepared in an iron or earthen pan
Spit-roasted lamb
Doughnuts "Leskovats"
Mixed game medallions
Trout on coals
The meat of a calf's head with tripes
Tufahija (apples filled with ground walnuts,with caramel topping)
The Zlatar dining table
The Zlatar barbecue
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